Sports Institute Northern Ireland

Performance Planning

What is Performance Planning?

Performance Planning involves working with sports to create a specific, realistic and co-ordinated plan that will allow the athletes to train and compete most effectively.

The plan contains targets and outcomes, which inform the support offered by the various other service providers.


How does Performance Planning help athletes?

It is widely acknowledged that support is a major contributor to the success of athletes within performance sport.

This support can take many forms ranging from moral and emotional support from family and friends to physical, physiological and medical support in an intensive training environment, and sport specific technical and tactical instruction to informal psychological advice. However in most cases there will be multiple areas that are being addressed simultaneously, and without careful planning and management this support can overwhelm an athlete and lead to a drop in performance.

Performance Planning is therefore vital to co-ordinate all the support services that are required by an athlete and phasing their usage to maximise benefit.


Snapshots of Performance Planning

  1. Planning responded quickly to manage an athlete during a vital Olympic qualification period to activate sports medicine team in order to fast track injury rehabilitation. Planning also created opportunities for the athlete whilst injured in partnership with Performance Lifestyle.
  2. Planning has developed an enhanced High Performance programme for NI Netball with the aim of improving world rankings and achieving qualification for 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  3. Planning has developed work with Swim Ireland to establish an Ulster based High Performance squad. This initiative is in preparation for the opening of the new 50m pool in Bangor.